Old and cool – Brooklyn setting the example

From cottage to town house to country estates, cornice and decorative plasterwork can be found all over Ireland. But how do you incorporate the traditional elements to something cool and modern? In a new book, Brooklyn Interiors,  Kathleen Hackett has looked at the most inspiring homes in Brooklyn . The old New York Borough is now the epithomy of cool so a good start to get your design ideas going.

Shabby Chic at it’s finest. We can help you clean off the old paint baring the cornice imperfections and all for this long lasting trend.


Cool and classic. Let the cornice frame the room and your art and mementos to the talking.


Colour and knick-knacks. The paneling on the walls a subtle reminder of a time when working class homes were decorated too.


Elegant plaster work, white backgrounds and a sublime coordinated interior with a feel of the fifties.


Large crisp cornice to lift the height of the ceilings, panel work on the walls really gives you the feel of the architecture of the turn of the century.

All photos from Architectural Digest

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