Centrepieces are ART!

An new trend we’ve seen in a few bars, restaurants and interior design stores is the use of Centrepieces or Ceiling Rosettes to provide a powerful design statement for a wall. We have Centrepieces started at as little as €15.00. If this is something you might like, pop in to our showroom just south of Carlow town and we’ll help you to plan it out.


Why not just go all in, Centrepieces everywhere!


Or go sleek, just one statement piece, this works so well with the ”shabby-chic” look


Go blue…
…or go yellow


Stick with white and pile them on


Try a coloured background and some metallic paints


Want a more Zen like home with an oriental feel, try this design and colour scheme

We have similar styles to what you’ve seen here, and much much more, any size and any design is possible, just let us know

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