Black Friday – Black plaster


As the Black Friday sales seems to be the hot topic of the day I put together some inspirational pictures of how to use black Cornice, Centrepieces and Plaster mouldings. I hope you find something you like, and if you’re not keen on the black, plaster can be painted in any colour you like

All pictures are found on Pinterest, great for inspiration for absolutely everything, find us there as Carlow Cornice.


Starting off with some opulent eastern dreams…

I love how you can see the dark blue sky through the ceiling details.



Here’s a more classic, gothic style ceiling, I really think the fine details striking in black



This is my favorite of the week, I have a real hankering for trying something similar, it’s nearly as if the Centrepieces have melted together. Love how the photo is taken in the mirror.

I admit, this is cheating, it’s in charcoal rather than black, but it was too nice not to add!


Such as cozy room, black isn’t only for the modern look, it’s a great frame for any room, no matter what style

Cornice is often left out of the bathroom, it’s such a shame, just see how stylish this finish is.



And for the last pic, something very modern. If you like spots or strip lights we can encase them in a design of your choice, and why not elongate space by giving it a contrasting colour.7

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