Abandoned houses – something to sink your teeth in to!

Continuing the spooky theme from last week, we have picked something to really sink your teeth in to.  Abandoned buildings sets the theme, and even the thought of restoring these  could give you a freight! Perhaps you have seen an old house in dire straits wondering if there would even be a point to try and restore it and saving the original cornice and centrepieces. There’s pretty much nothing we cannot do and below are some interiors we’d love to get a go at!

Restoration of cornice in Bank Of ireland in Mullingar
Above is a ceiling we helped restore for Bank of Ireland in Mullingar. With a lot of love and affection, we got the cornice back to its former glory.


Abandoned house, staircase, cornice, restoration
An amazing staircase just waiting for restoration. The way the natural light flows in through the dome is absolutely spectacular
abandoned. staricase, restoration cornice
Another stair case, also flooded in natural light. This is from a building in Idaho, US, that has been restored
abandoned, hall, cornice restauration
More light again, see how beautifully mirrored the ceiling details are in the flooring in this corridor
abandoned, window, overgrown, cornice, restoration
This picture is like a true fairy tale, and is a detail of library. The details above the bookcases would come out perfectly in plaster


Enjoy your weekend, and don’t be afraid to contact us!

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